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I'd like to thank for all the web tools.  They have many great tools free, if you have a site and would like to use them, go check out their site.  This page lists all the neat 'stuff' I am using.
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Message to MelanyS:

I started a web ring for butterfly gardeners.  If you'd like to join, please do so!  Please visit the other members of the ring too - just click on 'list' on the box below.

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Gardening for Butterflies

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Melany Sarafis
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I also have my own forum!  Please use this for questions or ideas.  If you see a question, or would like to remark to other's comments, please do!  All I ask is to use common courtesy, lets not get ugly or insulting ;-) 


And the cream of the crop - my OWN chat room!!!  I'm just tickled to death to have my chat.  Feel free to use if you'd like to chat with a friend.  Not many users are here, so it would probably be a private chat, but understand, it's a public chat room, and you never know who will pop in.


I just changed guestbooks, so if you signed in the past, please sign it again.  Don't be shy!!!


If you have a favorite site (or your personal site), feel free to list it in my Free-For-All links page.  Post a link to your Web Site in my Free-For-All Links page... Click Here.

If you like my site, please help me 'spread the word' by sending it to your friends.  Use the form below to do just that.

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