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Sassafras albidum
Laurel family (Lauraceae)
Host Plant

Host for:  Spicebush Swallowtail, Tiger Swallowtail

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Shrub/small tree, grows best in North and Central Fla.

Soil:  Likes acidic, well-drained, sandy to organic soil

Water:  Drought tolerent, once established

Light:  Grow in full sun to partial shade

Mature size:  15' Tall X 10' Wide

Flowers:  In spring

Propagation:  Root cuttings

In northern climates this tree may reach 60' in height, but in Fla, it rarely exceeds 15' and usually takes a shrubby form.  It's an understory plant that thrives in mature, open, hardwood forests.  More common in north Fla but will grow as far south as Tampa.  Spreads by underground roots, so plant several together to create a thicket.