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Coral-nymph, greggii, Mexican bush sage
Labiate family

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Coral-Nymph Salvia

Salvia is a plant that comes in many varieties and colors.  It is also in Perennail or Annual forms.  Coral Nymph is my favorite, and it's an annual.  I also have Greggii, which is a perennial, and Pineapple sage.  Mexican bush sage is a perennial that grows into a small shrub.   I also grow a blue variety, I don't know which one it is, but it's really a pretty one, and a red one that is sold as an annual in garden centers (probably 'splenedns')


Light:  Does best in full sun; the hotter, the better.  The blue does best in some shade, but the reds and pink does great in full sun. 

Moisture:  Drought tolerant.   Likes average, neutral well drained soil.

Hardiness:  annual

Propagation:  By seeds.  Coral-Nymph are very easy to start - just toss seeds where you want them to grow.  They will readily reseed themselves throughout the summer, almost becoming a weed.  I did not plant any this year, but had pleanty.  Collect seeds from summers end - fall for next year.  Others, pre-chill seeds for 3 weeks.  Surface sow in well drained starter mix.  Should germinate in 10-14 days, and bloom the first year from seed.  Keep soil 68-90 degrees. 

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Sulphur nectaring on Coral-Nymph


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