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Gnaphalium spp.
Family:  Aster (Asteraceae)
Host Plant

Not especially showy, but host plant to the American painted ladies.


Annual wildflower (weed)

Soil:  Sandy, well-drained soil, drought tolerent

Light:  Full sun

Mature size: 1' X 1'

Propogation:  Seed

Cudweed is an annual wildflower (weed) that has a fuzzy, silvery-green leaves and nondescript wiite or brownish flower bracts.  A common weed in the yard, propogates readily from seed and will form clumps if given enough room.  Sweet everlasting (G. obtusifolium), also known as rabbit tobacco, is a bit taller and has narrower leaves.   Plants grow on roadsides and disturbed sites.  Don't pamper cudweed, no fertilizer is needed, and will harm this plant.