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Cosmos sulphureus
Orange Cosmos
Compositae family

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Gulf Fritillary on Cosmo

Orange Cosmos  is a half-hardy annual, that grew 5 feet tall with no staking in my garden.  They were visited by all kinds of butterflies, bumble bees, and even Ruby-throated Hummingbird.  There was nothing like watching a huge yellow Tiger Swallowtail, nectaring on the Cosmos.  The butterfly was so big, its weight would cause the flower to bow down.


Light:  Does best in full sun; the hotter, the better.  These bloomed later than other Cosmos, but were still going strong in November.  Begin bloomin in summers long days, and keep going until after Halloween.

Moisture:  Drought tolerant.   Likes average, neutral well drained (dry) soil.

Hardiness:  annual

Propagation:  By seeds.  Very easy to start - just toss seeds where you want them to grow.  They will readily reseed themselves throughout the summer, almost becoming a weed.  Collect seeds from summers end - fall for next year.

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