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Black-Eyed Susan
Rudbeckia hirta

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Black-Eyed Susan

A bright, cheerful addition to any garden, Black-Eyed Susan tolerates many conditions.  It's easy to start from seed, and flowers in only a few months.  Seeds are very tiny, and it seems like every one of them germinates, so don't plant more than you actually need.  This short-lived perennial forms clumps that grow up to 3' high, and 2' wide.  It reseeds readily.

Native to North America, Black-Eyed Susan is found on roadsides and in meadows from Canada through eastern US to
south-central Florida.


Light:  Full sun.  Mine bakes all day and thrives.

Propagation:  Seeds  Pre-chill seeds for 2 weeks.  Surface sow in peaty soil, keep 70 degrees.  Needs light to germinate. 

Soil and Fertility:  Prefers fairly rich, well drained soil, with good irrigation, however, it will tolerate many conditions.

Hardiness:  Zone 2-9

Butterflies and bees are attracted to its nectar and birds are attracted to its seeds.   May need support after wind or rain storms.  Give this one plenty of room to sprawl out.  Also makes a great cut flower.



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