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Cephalanthus occidentalis
Family:  madder (Rubiaceae)

Attractive shrub with fragrant flowers that attract bees as well as butterflies.  It has shiny foliage that glistens in the sun, but is suitable only for wet locations.  It will grow with its roots in water, so it's a good choice for a natural landscape with a poorly drained area, or along a lake or pond.  It is open-growing and leafs out later than many plants.

buttonbush flower.jpg (84918 bytes)                               buttonbush 2001.jpg (111536 bytes)
The Buttonbush flower has a very nice fragrance.  It's white ball-shaped flowers attract bees like crazy!  I really like this little bush. It looks nice with Bog Buttons growing under it.


Deciduous shrub

Mature size:  10' high X 5' wide

Flowers: summer and fall

Soil:  Organic, wet/moist soil

Light:  Full sun for best blooms

Propogation:  Layering and tip cuttings, and seeds

Hardiness:  Zones 5-10

Great for a nectar plant for a bog garden.  This shrub will thrive planted on the banks of a pond or marsh, or even right in the water.  It will also grow in dryer areas, if kept moist and a thick layer of mulch is applied.  Fragrant, 1-1 1/2" ball-shaped white flowers, carried in clusters, attract butterflies in search of nectar, especially Gold Rim, Pipevine and other Swallowtails.   Usually bloom May till September.  If given enough space, it can grow to over 5' in width, eventually becoming a small tree. 
Dense, rounded heads, split in half over the winter, revealing small seeds.  A shrubby grower with very dark gray to black bark.  Native in Eastern US from Maine to south Florida, west to central Texas, and scattered through Arizona, California, and Mexico.  Found in swamps, floodplains, banks of ponds, lakes, and streams.