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It was just driving my hubby nuts!  I put all this time into my butterflies and my web site, and didn't make a penny.  I get lots of visitors in the site every day, and everytime he sees that, he says "Why aren't you making money?"  I decided to humor him and join several affiliat programs.  My main purpose is to make a site with information, to help others in their own gardening and butterfly adventures.   But if I can make money from it, my hubby will forgive all the hours I spend on the puter.  I don't expect to get rich here, but I have made some money - I earned a whole $4.00 from LOL!  This page is for my hubby, Roy. 

If you're interested, look around at all the sites below.  If you're not, heck, what are you doing on this page?????  Click on one of the links to the left of the screen :-) The mother of all search engines. This is an awsome search engine!  It searches all the other search engines. has almost every book you'll ever want.  I have links to them on my books page.  You can see the reviews on these books that I have.
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