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Stachytarpheta jamaicensis
Verbenaceae (Verbina) family

PorterWeedQueen.jpg (91768 bytes)     PorterCoral.jpg (89998 bytes)

                                 Porterweed (with the Queen)                      Coral Porterweed

Porterweed is a low, sprawling shrub with a subtle beauty.  It's a fairly long-lived, semi-woody perennial that should live at least four years.  It reseeds after it becomes established, but is not a pest.   Flowers open in the morning, and close in the afternoon.  Blooms year round.   Grows to 3-4' and flowers are blue, purple, or coral.  Usually alive with zebra longwings and other butterflies.

A native to centaral and south Florida and the tropics.  Found in open woodlands, clearings, and disturbed, well-drained areas


Light:  Full sun/part shade

Propagation:  Seeds, cuttings

Soil and Fertility:  Well-drained soil of average fertility

Hardiness:  Zone 9-11


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