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There is a movement to get all gardeners to plant something for the butterflies.  Their habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Our building, pesticides, herbicides, and clearing lands are all contributing to their loss.  We can all help by planting a few host and nectar plants in our gardens, or by letting a small section of our land go (or stay) wild.  If you have a garden, just plant some good nectar plants and put some host plants around it.

Nectar and host plants are easy.  Often native plants are the best.  In my area, coral Porterweed is a great nectar plant.  Mock Bishop's Weed and Passionflower are great native host plants.  Annuals are also great. 

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     Here is a list of easy plants for your row:



Zinnia - Tall annual, many colors, easy from seed Parsley - Biannual; Low growing herb.   Use Italian flat leaf or curly
Cosmos - Tall annual, many colors, easy from seed Dill - Tall annual herb
Butterfly Bush - Tall shrub; comes in many colors Fennel - Medium herb; use green or bronze
Penta - Medium shrub, red is best.   Perennial, grown as an annual Passion Vine - Vine, could become invasive in some gardens.  Native to much of the country
Alyssum - Low growing annual; white or purple.   Great for boarders.  Easy from seed Milkweed - Many varieties, many growing conditions, some variety native almost everywhere
Dianthis - Low growing annual; pink, red, white. Legumes - Peas, beans
Ageratum - Low growing annual, blue or white Cabbage - Ornamental or edible

These are just common garden plants, and most are available in six or nine cell packs from your garden center.  All are easy to grow, and will take most growing conditions.  Remember:  butterflies need sun, so be sure and plant your 'butterfly row" in the sunshine. To learn more about how to grow a butterfly garden, check out 'My Butterflies'.


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